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Opening doors across the industry through collaborative partnerships.

If you partner with Prosport you will get a solid foundation for investments and access to a unique platform for prosperous cooperation in our many future projects.

Senior Adviser

With over 35 years of experience within professional sports events, we work with new senior staff to help them achieve their goals.  

Management Services

With years of experience in team and event management, with race victories in BTCC, STCC, WTCC and other individual racing events, we understand the challenges that management teams can face!

Senior Advisors across the Industry

Budgeting & Cost Analyses

Your Budget is a cornerstone of your event, with 40 years of experience in budgeting and cost analysis for major events, we can assist you in getting the best deal for your investment, in the most streamline way possible. 

Business Relationship Management

Major events and teams require skill and expertise to manage all the moving parts.  Our Business Relationship Management Service is second to none and essential for your success. 

Legal Advice

We have drawn up legal documents for every event we have ever been involved with. and always provided expert cover and advice to our clients.  With our expert and experienced lawyers, we can handle the providing of legal documents, handle contracts for suppliers, and much more...

Media Relation & Production

With over 40 years in the industry, we have made many connections and understand how to incorporate your goals into the media. With relations with media sectors around the world, our advisors can get you the coverage you need. 

Marketing Management

All events need a strong marketing presence to build revenue and increase their success.  To fill event spaces and get the right message across, look no further than our Marketing Management service!

Much More!

From public relationship management to sponsorship opportunities for your team or brand, Prosport has the experience you're looking for!

Some of our Achievements

1st Place / M32 Cup / 2014

Achieving first place as a part of the Senior Management Team.
Bringing together new sponsors for the event and overseeing the race.

Swedish Airforce 75 Year Anniversary Show  / 2010

Prosport together with the Swedish Airforce organised the VIP hospitality unit for the Swedish Royal family and former Primister of Sweden, Carl Bildt and the first Swedish Astronaught, Christer Fuglesang.
During This event, Prosport also Created a promotional video starring Joe Libero.  

1st Place / Macau WTCC / 2013

Employed as Sports Director for NIKA Racing, Stefan Lindberg was an essential part of team management and coordination which lead to NIKA Racing winning the Asain trophy in Macau in 2013.

MPH / Wiesmann MF5 / 2008

Prosport organised the showing of the Wiesmann MF5 together with Olaf Sawlad from Wiesmann Germany and Prosport GB. Prosport also acts as the general agent for the Wiesmann brand across Scandinavia

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Stefan Lindberg


"With a successful sports career in hockey, sailing, and motorsport I wanted these experiences to merge in a professional sports and event company. Therefore I started Prosport AB."

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