Göteborg City Race


Planning started in 1995

Contarct created

Contacts were created by Prosport for TOCA LTD

Intial plans

Blueprint creation and Event planning

Prosport's hand in creating the future of racing in Göteborg

Stefan Lindberg saw an opportunity in 1996 to bring the BTCC (British Touring Car Championship) to Göteborg by creating a new, temporary race track on the island of Hisingen. 

 Stefan Lindberg approached Alen J Gow of TOCA LTD (The company responsible for BTCC)  and organized the event for 1997. Under the Company Name “Race Over Scandinavia AB”


Prosport is proud to have created a way for street racing to come to Göteborg and change the way that the STCC organizes events with Sweden to date.

Stefan Lindberg would like to thank Stena Line, Göran Johansson, Robert Lappalainen and Leif Nilsson (CEO of Göteborg & Co) for their commitment to this event. 


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Prosport organized this event across countries and municipalities.

Part of the championship score

This event was a critical race in the championship as a win in Göteborg meant the same amount of points as winning any race during BTCC in the UK

Prosport Connects the Professionals

Stefan Lindberg's connections from his professional sports background allowed him to easily organize a partnership with Göteborg & Co whose CEO was a former teammate from Frölunda HC

Organising with Government

Prosport worked with Göran Johansson (The leader of Göteborg's municipality) and Leif Nilsson to generate the legal documents for race permissions.

Partnership with Stena Line

Prosport created a partnership with Stena Line to provide transport for the teams and their vehicles from the UK to Sweden and to dock the Ship next to the racetrack to act as an events venue, providing: A Hotel, events space, transport, and more!

Contracts and original Concept drawings

The Event & The BBC

Volvo's Commitment to its Home Town

Volvo was a main competitor in BTCC, with Richard Rydel driving a Volvo 850 TWR. Thus Volvo purchased 15,000 tickets which was half the daily limit of 30,000 people from Sweden and the UK!

Building the Barriers

Prosport organized the agreement for the barriers, fencing, seating, etc with Robert Lappalainen in Helsinki in 1995 during the ITCC which Robert Lappalainen was highly involved.

The Final Moments

Prosport and Stefan Lindberg organized this major event for over 2 years ready for September 1997. Having successfully created the event and all related planning, the final touches were put into place.

BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)

With every part assembled over the 2 year period, the final say came down to the BBC, who pulled out of the event after not coming to an agreement with the SVT over broadcasting rights and monetisation.